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For organizations deploying vtrunkd bonding VPN, Vrayo Systems provides peace of mind through a range of support offerings. These support offerings are available whether the customer is using open source or commercially-licensed versions for the daemon or the heuristics plug-ins. Vrayo Systems support services are suitable for OEM, enterprise, large and small businesses. Developers and administrators can rely on the expertise of Vrayo, the company that created vtrunkd, for solutions to their problems.


Vrayo support services for vtrunkd are provided in five separate offerings for “Core” components of current LTS versions of open source vtrunkd. Support Levels 1 & 2 are suitable for deployments of a single server and 1-20 to 21-300 clients. Levels 3 & 4 are suitable for customers that have deployed a number of servers running vtrunkd. Support Service Levels 1 through 4 are incident-based and are provided as best-effort, without Engineering support, for customers that require assistance with installation, configuration and systems operation issues.


Support Level 5, suitable for OEMs and enterprises, is reserved for companies that require a Service Level Agreement (SLA) and Engineering support. SLAs are negotiated based on the particular needs of the customer, and include guaranteed response and resolution times.


For more information about Vrayo support offerings, including offerings with guaranteed Service Level Agreement and Engineering support, please contact Vrayo Systems Sales department.

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