Raspberry Pi 2

Up to 30 MBit/s aggregation, 2.1W TDP, 1 modem plug-in, up to 6 modems through external USB hub,

$35 MSRP

Banana Pi M2

Up to 50 MBit/s aggregation, 1x 802.11n access point / client built-in

4 modems plug-in, up to 7 modems through USB hub,

$45 MSRP

Orange Pi PC

Up to 65 MBit/s aggregation,

3 modems plug-in, up to 7 modems through USB hub,

$15 MSRP, heatsink required

Your hardware

Got your fast and shiny hardware? Great! We have almost any platform supported, 32/64-bit, x86, MIPS and ARM chips – all perform great

Easy to set up bonding tunnel, compatible with any encapsulated protocol

Just plug network adapters, set up routing tables and run VtrunkD daemon as many times as you have uplinks. On the server side, you only need to start the service, any cloud or bare-metal Linux servers are supported.

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AI-defined communication for critical applications


We employ complex mathematical analysis to manage, simulate and measure network’s feedback loop. Thanks to the original heuristic evaluation we deliver absolutely best results over a wide range of deployment scenarios, medium types and network conditions. The team is working on enhancing VtrankD heuristic capabilities with machine learning to guarantee the ever-improving performance of Vrayo’s solutions.

Commercial Support and Consulting

For organizations deploying VtrunkD bonding VPN, Vrayo Systems provides peace of mind through a range of services. Our support and consultancy are available for both open-source and commercially-licensed versions of the daemon and the heuristics plugins. Developers and administrators can rely on the expertise of Vrayo, the company that created VtrunkD!

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