Quick Start ‘mini’ project – Proof of Concept for the VtrunkD

Quick Start ‘mini’ project – Proof of Concept for the VtrunkD

VtrunkD has been bonding VPN tool of choice for the networking professionals for many years. With the emergence of SD-WAN, we now experience a large number of requests for the Proof of Concept type of projects. Vrayo is a small, but mighty team. We want as many people and companies as possible to benefit from the VtrunkD capabilities. VtrunkD is free but our time is a scarce resource. Hence, continue reading only if you are willing to consider a paid engagement.


If you are interested in a Proof of Concept for the VtrunkD, we can offer you a one-off Quick Start project whereby our experts will assist you with deploying VtrunkD in your environment. Such project incurs the cost circa €1’000 before VAT and includes no customisation or optimisation.


To get the most of the Quick Start, please send us a request with the following information:

  1. what is it you are trying to achieve by using VtrunkD?
  2. a brief description of the environment, i.e. hardware, software, network spec and versions, and etc.
  3. timeline for the project, i.e. when do you need it done?


Sincerely yours,

Vrayo team

Vrayo Systems
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